Wand Vibrator Comfort Love Seat

Turn your magic wand vibrator into a rampant sex machine with this specially designed love seat. Slide your favourite massager vibrator through the secure custom fitting and hop on board for the ride of your life!

Monkey Rocker Hybrid Sex Machine

You’ve heard of hybrid cars, but now is the time for the Hybrid Sex Machine! With no electrical components and made of earth-friendly wood and steel, the Monkey Rocker Hybrid is a silent sex machine that gives you exactly what you want!

Cupid’s Couch Sex Sofa

A piece of sex furniture that is easily stored away from prying eyes when you’re done. Cupid’s Couch is an inflatable position enhancer that allows you to vary your sex positions with minimum effort and maximum support. Comes with its own powered pump.

Inflatable Vibrating Sex Chair

Bouncy, pink, inflatable fun. This blow-up sex furniture holds a multispeed vibrator that will make you quiver with delight. The perfect solution for those looking for a closer-to-sex experience or want their hands kept free for other things, like sudoku.

Inflatable PVC Bondage Sex Chair

If you’ve ever hankered after dungeon furniture but don’t have the space then this inflatable bondage chair is perfect for you. Compact sex furniture with four restraints for tying down your loving other half. It’s wipe clean too, so prepare to get messy.

Cupid’s Couch Mini Inflatable Sex Sofa

The Cupid’s Couch inflatable sex sofa is perfect for indulging your fantasies of wild positions and rampant passionate fun. The curvaceous shape and durable PVC make this inflatable sofa a true investment for enhancing your sex life.

Fetish Fantasy Inflatable Position Master

Take each other in any position you fancy with this top quality, slanted inflatable cushion. Its E-Z Grip Love Handles are perfect for maintaining your positions and offering extra leverage and support. Better sex is just an inflatable cushion away.

Fetish Fantasy Inflatable Hot Seat

Take the ride of your life with this inflatable love seat from Fetish Fantasy. With a firm vibrating rubber dildo anchored into the middle of the cushion, this seat is not designed for rest! Covered in soft flock material and with easy-to-grip handles.

Angel Wings Sex Chair

Experience weightless sex without booking a flight on Virgin Galactic. This novel Japanese sex chair helps you get into loads of different positions with minimum effort, enhancing your sex life. It even folds flat for easy storage and discretion.