Monkey Rocker Hybrid Sex Machine

You’ve heard of hybrid cars, but now is the time for the Hybrid Sex Machine! With no electrical components and made of earth-friendly wood and steel, the Monkey Rocker Hybrid is a silent sex machine that gives you exactly what you want!

Made from black powder coated steel tubing, micro textured wood and with black vinyl cushions, the Monkey Rocker Hybrid is safe, easy and fun to use.

The sleek and sexy design is a massive improvement on the original model, allowing your hands to roam and the mechanism to move more freely.

Smaller than most sex machines, the Monkey Rocker Hybrid allows the user to sit on the comfortable cushions and ‘ride’ the machine for vaginal or anal penetration..

As you move your hips and legs, the Monkey Rocker Hybrid uses its clever pivoting thrust arm to move your chosen sex toy up and down at a pace that suits you.

So if you push your hips forward and back fast, the pivot arm will move up and down fast. If you move your legs slowly, the pivot arm will thrust slowly and shallowly – it really is that simple!

Attach your dildo of choice using the selection of supplied O-rings or use the Vac-U-Lock plug to attach any Vac-U-Lock sex toys you own.

Quiet, discreet and requiring very little energy, the Monkey Rocker Hybrid is one of the simplest sex machines around!

Providing the sensations you’d get from penetrative sex but with unending stamina, this is a sex toy that you’ll come back to again and again…

Please Note: The Monkey Rocker Hybrid does not come with any sex toys, these are available for purchase separately. If you are looking for additional control during play on your Monkey Rocker, we recommend you choose the type with a fondle handle.

Detailed Measurements:

Seat - 18.5″ length, 5″ maximum width, 2.75″ minimum width.

Whole Machine - 22″ length, 16″ width, 17″ height.